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Waikane Beach

We had the best time playing at Waikane Beach!

Wainui Beach

The atmosphere in Wainui is Awesome!

Midway Beach

Thank you, Midway - A Day we won't forget.

Gisborne,East Coast

We love Surfing

I have created a fictional Surfing website. Surfing is a kind of water sports where the surfer is carried along by a breaking wave towards the shore. Apart from surfboards body boards, kneeboards, surf skis and kayaks can be also used to surf. Various sports involving surfing are sea kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing and windsurfing. The first two do not require waves and winds, while the other two does. Surfing has become more of a profession by turning into a multi-billion dollar industry. Initially the sport began when people used to lie down on hard wood boards and surf in Hawaii. Lieutenant James King who wrote journals on Captain Cook and completed them after his death set the first record. The surfboards were made out of huge and heavy wood, which were difficult to maneuver. They were substituted by lighter balsa wood surfboards in 1940s and were relatively easy to maneuver by the surfer. The boards were later made out of polyurethane foam, polyester resin and fiberglass cloth with multiple layers of wooden strips. The latest technology in surfboards now is the epoxy or carbon fiber surfboard. To surf in colder regions, its advisable to wear wetsuits, boots, gloves and hood to protect from cold-water temperatures, which can sometimes lead to hypothermia. There are different styles of boards like egg or the long board style short board, fish or short and wide board with a split tail and gun with a long pointed board meant for big waves.

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Waikane Beach

"One of the best places to swim, surf and relax"

Located on the town beach in Gisborne New Zealand, Waikanae Surf Lifesaving Club provides a premier volunteer lifeguarding service to the public of Gisborne.

MidWay Beach

"Loads of Sand, Sun, Fun and Waves"

Midway Surf Lifesaving Club is Gisborne's leading surf club with a number of well-known international surf life saving athletes. Our main focus at Midway is safety and fun in the surf.

Wainui Beach

"Such a tight community on and off the waves"

It's going to be a cracker. Wainui Surf lifesaving club is all about safeguarding lives, developing outstanding individuals and providing a safe, fun and healthy community.

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Gisborne, Nz
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